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From Halifax, Nova Scotia. Stewart Legere's folk-pop songs are lovingly composed with vivid storytelling and luscious harmonies, darkened with such sincere delivery and frank lyrics you'll long to sing along and make it alright. His debut album Quiet the Station is a sprawling, lyrical, fourteen song chronicle of crystal clear aching, These songs float easily in the delta of folk, pop, confession and soul. Honest, charming and open-hearted, Legere is also a member of orchestral pop outfit The Heavy Blinkers and an award-winning theatre artist with The Accidental Mechanics Group & Zuppa Theatre Co.

"Halifax has been keeping a tight hold on this little secret, but the word’s out now: Stewart Legere’s voice and lyrics have the power to sew any holes in your heart right up." - CBC Music

Megan Nash

On her latest album Seeker, Saskatchewan singer/songwriter Megan Nash collaborates with ambient/alt-rock unit Bears In Hazenmore with brilliant results. In sharp contrast to the starkness of her previous acclaimed album Song Harvest Volume One, Seeker takes Nash’s roots-based songwriting into bold new sonic territory, displaying the undeniable chemistry she has forged with the group over the past year.

That shared excitement was the hallmark of the sessions that produced Seeker over the winter of 2017 with engineer Orion Paradis (Library Voices), held at Soul Sound in Regina, a space shared with a contemporary dance studio. The flexibility of the location offered Nash the freedom to fully explore the range of her new material, from the atmospheric “Girl Vs Ocean” and “Summer,” to the anthemic “Lavender & Leather” and “Bad Poetry.”

But as the concept of Seeker (embodied as well in its title track) suggests, Megan Nash is in the midst of her personal quest for spiritual meaning on her own terms. Her chosen path is through music, and as an artistic statement, Seeker displays the breadth of Nash’s talents as a songwriter, vocalist and producer—the culmination of one stage of her journey while simultaneously beginning the next.

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video: Stewart Legere - When I Was The King
Stewart Legere - When I Was The King
video: Bad Poetry - Megan Nash
Bad Poetry - Megan Nash
Stewart Legere
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