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Music Singer/Songwriter Pop Rock

For the millions of people who have already been introduced to Gabrielle Shonk via ‘Habit’ – her instantly arresting first single - the immediate impression is of a new voice arriving so fully formed, so polished and powerful, one can only ask ‘where has she come from?’

Raised in Quebec City, Gabrielle Shonk is the natural product of a creative household, with a blues-musician father and artist mother. Shonk has been singing since anyone can remember and started writing her own songs as a teenager, Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye providing soulful guidance, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and Tracy Chapman teaching subject matter, and The Beatles impressing melody. The craft took hold and she went on to studying Jazz and earning a degree in music.

Singing in both English and French, Shonk aims from the heart straight to the heart. She insists that music informs all aspects of her life and she is above all a music fan. Asked to name some of her current musical preoccupations, she cites Kurt Vile, Mac DeMarco, Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Feist.


Combined with the soulful power of Tracy Chapman, the uniqueness of Bruno Mars and a voice that can silence a room, Nefe is a burgeoning Canadian talent that is sure to take the industry by storm in the coming years.

Born Sarah Jea Felker, Nefe is a singer/songwriter hailing from the small Southwestern Ontario city of Guelph. Adopting her name from Queen Nefertiti, Nefe stands to lead and empower woman and men to accept their real beauty, not succumbing to the pressures of perfection defined by today’s media culture.

Though Nefe’s soft spoken appearance illudes many, she is loud on the inside, with a rich soul, expressing her voice through her music.

video: Gabrielle Shonk - Habit
Gabrielle Shonk - Habit
Gabrielle Shonk © Norman Wong