Ricardo Lopez Muñoz

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Le Cercle Molière presents Les Allogènes, a project conceived by the company’s Artistic Director, Geneviève Pelletier, and Franco-Spanish director Ricardo Lopez Muñoz. This new work, sprung from the two artists’ meeting at the Carnets scéniques event at the 2013 Zones Théâtrales, explores the themes of departure, migration and travel.

Imagining a form of participatory theatre, Ricardo and Geneviève will create an open Web platform, a theatrical forum where participants can write own stories. This collective narrative will form the basis of a stage play to be presented in March 2018. The two artists will host a gathering to present  their original and innovative approach.

The Les Allogènes website will launch in September 2017. Stay tuned!


  • Cercle Molière (Manitoba)

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Conception and direction: Ricardo Lopez Mun͂oz

Artistic collaboration: Geneviève Pelletier