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Klô Pelgag

Klô Pelgag has made her presence felt in the Québec musical landscape almost like a Sybilline prophetess. The release of her second album, L’Étoile thoracique, has inspired her to pack up her creations and tour once more to the four corners of La Francophonie.

Sizing up the stage as if it were an enormous playground where most people hope to witness the most polished and beautiful version of herself, she dives headfirst in the opposite direction. The stage becomes an arena in which she leads the assembled throng towards unfamiliar horizons. Far from logical, you might say, but she simply aims to move beyond the realms of thunder and frenzy.

Mon Doux Saigneur

Since putting themselves on the map with their unpredictable but stunning performances at Francouvertes 2016, Mon Doux Saigneur has been driving ahead with eclectic free-form songs whose lyrics are as raw as they are sensitive and evocative. The group's concerts are unique, ephemeral, unpredictable affairs, but invariably, generate a party atmosphere. Emerik St-Cyr Labbé and the group’s other members – David Marchand, Étienne Dupré, Elliot Durocher and Mandela Coupal – create a flow of criss-crossed words and improvised grooves, an intuitive and structured musical dialect with tons of inspiration and an impressionistic feel.

video: Klô Pelgag - Le sexe des étoiles
Klô Pelgag - Le sexe des étoiles
Klô Pelgag
Mon Doux Saigneur © Marc-André Dupaul