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Propeller Dance, Living the undesirable life

Celebrated integrated dance choreographer Renata Soutter’s latest creation, Living the undesirable life, was built in collaboration with the inventive Propeller Dance Company artists. Most of Propeller have worked together since its inception in 2007 and have developed great physical and emotional trust in each other. This brand new work puzzle-pieces together their artful lived experiences of joy and oppression.

In a style that is at once abstract, real, and contemporary, Soutter and Propeller have unearthed vignettes that stir a diverse mix of activism, love, and sparkly things into a simmering pot of delicious dance-theatre. Propeller’s unique ensemble of eight performers, each with individual style and ways of being in the world, takes us on a raucous romp that reflects our overarching needs and wants for love, understanding . . . and good footwear. The refrain of desirable lives achieved through fight, flight, and pride will have you laughing, crying, and shouting out loud.

Award-winning composer and musician Jesse Stewart plays his original sound score in a performance that pushes the theatrical boundaries of nuanced and intimate renditions of human connections. This piece is about questions and the possibility of answers, labelling, the right to a voice, loving our bodies, rejection and belonging, and the risk of applying binaries (disabled/not disabled, man/woman, queer/straight, valuable/worthless) to ourselves and to others.

A Propeller Dance production. Presented by the Great Canadian Theatre Company, in association with the NAC’s Canada Scene.

Propeller Dance, Living the undesirable life
Propeller Dance


  • Directed and choreographed by Renata Soutter
  • Created in collaboration with performers Sylvain Bouchard
    Bella Bowes
    Robert Chartier
    Amelia Griffin
    Moni Hoffman
    Nathalie Joanisse
    Siôned Watkins
    Liz Winkelaar
  • Music created and performed by Jesse Stewart
  • Artistic Associate Liz Winkelaar