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Ariane Moffatt with the NAC Orchestra

with Marie-Pierre Arthur and Alexandre Désilets

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Ariane Moffatt

Photo: Le Pigeon

Marie-Pierre Arthur

Ariane Moffatt goes symphonic for a night! Leaving aside her piano and synthesizers, she joins forces with the National Arts Centre Orchestra to deliver a new interpretation of her musical universe. She immerses herself wholeheartedly in this symphonic adventure, transforming her electropop pieces into dazzling orchestral gems finely crafted by arranger and conductor Simon Leclerc.

A talented and charismatic artist, multi-award-winning singer–songwriter Ariane Moffatt has been a favourite on the performing and recording circuit in Quebec, in France and throughout the Francophonie since 2002. For this concert, wishing to share her enjoyment, she’s joined onstage by her friends Marie-Pierre Arthur and Alexandre Désilets, who perform their own compositions and join the “diva for a night” in some amazing duets. Marie-Pierre’s ethereal vocals and Alexandre’s distinctive sound, their common interest in exploring the possibilities offered by their collaboration with the NAC Orchestra, and the strong bonds among the three artists are sure to make this concert a memorable event.


  • Ariane Moffatt - Debout (Vidéoclip officiel)

  • Marie-Pierre Arthur: Si tu savais

  • Alexandre Désilets- Rejoins-Moi (ft. Marie-Pierre Arthur)


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