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Gabriel Dharmoo

Imaginary Anthropologies

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Photo: Jamie Williams (Sydney Festival Facebook)

Photo: Jamie Williams (Sydney Festival Facebook)

Gabriel Dharmoo's musical practice defies pigeon-holing – and sometimes description – encompassing so much more than composition, performance, and vocal improvisation. His Imaginary Anthropologies is unpredictable, challenging, and fun, floating in the fine space between satire and seriousness, between tradition and novelty, between cleverness and folly.

In this solo vocal performance, Gabriel weaves his way in and out of characters, shape-shifting from one to another, drawing his audience into the fray. A video mockumentary runs concurrently, featuring “experts” who comment on the ancient vocal traditions Gabriel demonstrates, along with imaginary folklore – all brilliantly highlighting the amazing possibilities of the human voice. It’s a truly memorable musical experience that invites you to forget what you know and be a part of something singular.

Gabriel has won multiple awards for his compositions and performances, including the Jan V. Matejcek SOCAN Award 2016, awarded to a composer of new classical music; The Contra Guys Award for New Performance Text at SummerWorks Performance Festival 2016; and Best International Production at the 2015 Amsterdam Fringe Festival. 

A mischievous, funny and boldly original work.

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