Areli Moran and Paige Culley in Unrelated.

Daina Ashbee

NAC Presentation


Performance is approximately 1 hour with no intermission.

Co-Presented with La Nouvelle Scène

Montreal-based choreographer Daina Ashbee is quickly becoming an important voice on national and international stages. Of Cree and Dutch descent, Ashbee’s unflinching use of the nude or nearly nude body as a tool to sound the depths of the subconscious, results in movement that is disconcertingly lucid.

In Unrelated, Ashbee boldly confronts issues of violence and vulnerability faced by Indigenous women in Canada, while exploring identity, destruction, and the potential for transformation. Brutal and sensually charged, this disquieting duet is fearlessly interpreted by Areli Moran and Paige Culley.   

Note: Nudity


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