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© Julie Charland

© Jean Louis Fernandez

© Jean Louis Fernandez

© Jean Louis Fernandez

© Jean Louis Fernandez

© Jean Louis Fernandez

© Jean Louis Fernandez

Exclusive Canadian Engagement


A dizzying allegory, tinged with fantasy, about totalitarian and corrupt regimes. A modern myth invented by Camus and similar in theme to his novel The Plague. An immersive and compelling work, performed by the renowned Théâtre de la Ville de Paris company.

A theatre company is rehearsing in a peaceful seaside town when one of the actors suddenly collapses: he has the plague. The governor declares a state of siege, and instantly a relentless wave of regulations, checks and persecutions begins to spread terror among the citizens… until Diego, with the boldness of youth, organizes an uprising in the name of freedom. Performed by a powerful chorus of members of the Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, this ambitious staging by Emmanuel Demarcy‑Mota ignites the fiery spirit of resistance.

“My stated purpose was to wrench theatre out of the realm of psychological speculation, and make our murmuring stages resound with the loud cries that have the power to subdue or to free multitudes of men.”
Albert Camus


  • With Serge Maggiani
  • Hugues Quester
  • Alain Libolt
  • Valérie Dashwood
  • Matthieu Dessertine
  • Hannah Levin Seiderman
  • Jauris Casanova
  • Philippe Demarle
  • Sandra Faure
  • Sarah Karbasnikoff
  • Gérald Maillet
  • Walter N’Guyen
  • Pascal Vuillemot
  • And special appearances by Victor Dubé-Marcus
  • Arnaud Forget (alternatively)

Assistant director: Christophe Lemaire
Artistic consultant: François Regnault
Set design: Yves Collet
Lighting: Yves Collet et Christophe Lemaire
Sound: David Lesser
Video: Mike Guermyet
Costumes: Fanny Brouste
Makeup: Catherine Nicolas
Masks: Anne Leray
Props: Griet De Vis

Produced by: Théâtre de la Ville (Paris)

Coproduced by: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Théâtre national de Bretagne (Rennes) and BAM (New York)

With artistic input from the Jeune théâtre national (Paris)

With support of the French Institute and the city of Paris

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