Jay Malinowski

Schumann and the Songwriters with Jay Malinowski

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Jay Malinowski
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Join front man for the JUNO award-winning Bedouin Soundclash, Jay Malinowski for an evening featuring the best of the singer-songwriter’s solo work in the NAC’s Le Salon. Malinowski released his first solo album, Bright Lights & Bruises, in 2010 to great acclaim. He is also an accomplished author, visual artist and co-founder of Pirates Blend Records. Together with Petr Cancura, Malinowski will discuss the idea and effect of lost love in song-writing. Schumann wrote many songs which explore this theme which tenor Jean-Philippe Fortier-Lazure and pianist Frédéric Lacroix will perform. 

Schumann and the Songwriters

Setting words to music, expressing the inexpressible…

Song writing has been with us for millennia, but Robert Schumann will always stand out as an original voice and unique craftsman.  He wrote about the Romantic ideals of nature, love, and loss– universal topics which, in the right hands, become intimate and personal, no matter what century.  Canadian songwriters react to interpretations of Schumann’s lieder and take us through their own creative process. 

Hosted by Petr Cancura, with special guest Alexander Shelley

Jay Malinowski


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