Yann Perreau with Laurence Nerbonne

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Yann Perreau

Perreau is back in top form with a fresh and surprising fifth album. Heartfelt, moving, funny and ingenious lyrics, performed to lively music and grooves, have become the artist's stock-in-trade as he grows in maturity and daring. Following the adventuresome album À genoux dans le désir, based on poems by Claude Péloquin, the time had come for Perreau to return to songwriting. Various events, both sad and happy (death, birth, accidents, travel, new experiences...), had affected him deeply over the past few years and he just had to write these songs. Le fantastique des astres, created somewhere between pleasure and urgency, celebrates life while giving the finger to the cynicism all around us.

video: Yann Perreau - J'aime les oiseaux
Yann Perreau - J'aime les oiseaux
video: Laurence Nerbonne - Si ton coeur bat
Laurence Nerbonne - Si ton coeur bat