TD Ottawa Winter Jazz Festival

The Chocolate Hot Pockets

Jamie Holmes - drums
J.P. Lapensee – bass
Ed Lister – trumpet
Alex Moxon – guitar

Recipe: toss funk, neo-soul, hip-hop, throwback R&B and acid jazz over scorching instrumental chops until liquefied into a sticky sweet, brown goo. No need to let cool—get it hot!

The Chocolate Hot Pockets are a four piece groove band based out of Ottawa with an irresistible rhythmic pulse that’s made them a live favourite. But don’t let their playful aesthetic or goofy titles like “Freezer Juice” or “The Voodoo’s Vodka” fool you: these four musicians are some of the city’s hardest working young talents, with each member regularly plying his trade in upwards of a half-dozen other acclaimed projects. But when the Pockets get together, they are guaranteed to be on their nastiest behaviour, and that’s a delicious treat for anyone lucky enough to hear them get down.