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Innu author, composer and singer Florent Vollant was born in Labrador in 1959 and grew up on a reserve named Maliotenam, east of Sept-Îles. He began his musical career in the middle of the 80s and helped to create the Festival Innu Nikamu, which, since its founding, has brought together many musicians and singers from various Amerindian nations.

When Florent Vollant joined forces with Claude McKenzie, another young Innu, the duo Kashtin was born. From 1989 to 1995, the group recorded Kashtin, Innu and Akua Tuta, three albums which earned them four Félix awards and the chance to perform not only in Quebec and across Canada, but in France, Belgium, South Korean, the United States, Bolivia and the list goes on. The duo wrote and recorded the sound track for Arthur Lamothe’s film Le Silence des fusils/Silencing the Guns and were the first indigenous group from Quebec to be recognized internationally.

Ardent defender of Quebec’s nature and rivers, Florent Vollant received the title of Artiste pour la Paix in 1994. Spokesperson for the First Nations Garden (Jardin botanique de Montréal), he took part in La Grande Paix, the grandiose closing concert of the 2001
FrancoFolies de Montréal. As well  as collaborating  on the albums of Richard Séguin, Robbie Robertson, Marc Déry and Zachary Richard, Florent Vollant remains  a constant  presence in his community in Maliotenam.  He initiated  a project  close to his heart: the Studio Makusham, both a professional recording studio and a training centre for young native musicians.

Spring 2015 marks the release of his fourth solo album, entirely created at the Studio Makusham in Maliotenam: Puamuna. Meaning
“dream”  in the Innu langue, Florent Vollant returns to the very source of traditional Innu singing, where everything is born, that is to
say in dreams.