Ima Iduozee + Idan Sharabi & Dancers

Mixed repertoire

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Ima Iduozee in This Is The Title

Lorenzo Passoni

Ours, Idan Sharabi and Dancers

Tami Weiss

NAC Presentation

This Is The Title, Ima Idouzee
Ima Iduozee’s fluid virtuoso solo confronts personal choices, social norms, and our own boundaries; a dialogue between the power and grace of his distinctive urban style and the minimalist, white stage.

Coproducers: URB Festival, Kiasma & Arts Commission of South-Finland


Ours, Idan Sharabi & Dancers
Idan Sharabi’s multiple award-winning duet explores the meaning, place, and significance of “home.” With dancer Dor Mamalia, he constructs an opportunity for their shared idea of home with remarkable movement vocabulary.

“... the serene beauty that radiates from [Iduozee’s] connection with the unseen reawakens our thirst for light, peace and bliss.”

Helsingin Sanomat

[Sharabi] “... one of Israel’s rising stars”

The Georgia Straight


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