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Trisha Brown Dance Company

Set and Reset, If you couldn't see me, Rogues, PRESENT TENSE

Set and Reset

Julieta Cervantes

Neal Beasley & Nick Strafaccia in Rogues

Stuart Shugg

If you couldn't see me

Julieta Cervantes

NAC Presentation

Trisha Brown is a living legend, both a choreographic maverick and the grande dame of postmodern dance. Over a 50-year career, her relentless curiosity and the poetic fluidity of her movement revolutionised the art form. As part of the avant-garde Judson Dance Theatre (1962-64), Brown became known for her precision, humour, and unusual intellectual sensibility. This retrospective of the choreographer’s signature works includes the iconic Set and Reset (1983), a high-powered masterpiece featuring a driving score by Laurie Anderson. The exquisite, seductively beautiful female solo If you couldn’t see me (1994) highlights both music and visual presentation by American artist Robert Rauschenberg. Rogues (2011) is a poignant, rhythmic male duet and PRESENT TENSE (2003) features tumbling aerial choreography set to music by John Cage.

“I have loved [her work] and have found its mixture of purity and sensuousness a tonic to the eye and mind. She took the everyday movement of our pedestrian lives and gave it back to us new.”

Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times


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