February 12, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

The Edward Curtis Project


A detailed timeline of Curtis’ life.

The entire work of Edward S. Curtis.

Timelines, maps and essays which discuss how Curtis worked, what his work has meant to Native peoples of North America, and how he promoted the notion that indigenous peoples of North America were becoming a "vanishing race."

Featuring Edward S. Curtis' work - a biography, chronology, and archive of his writings and photographs.

Teachers’ resource.

Listing of Curtis’ work and secondary resources.

A lesson plan.

Commentary about the importance of placing Edward Curtis’ work in context.

Four-minute tribute to Curtis’ portraiture photography.

Nine-minute tribute to predominantly scenic imagery accompanied by Native American music.

Opinion piece re objections to Curtis’ methodology.

Documentary Film: The Shadow Catcher (1975) - a biography of Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952), photographer, ethnologist and filmmaker.

Documentary Film: Coming to Light – Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indians (2001) - an 84-minute in-depth portrait of Edward S. Curtis, directed by Anne Makepeace.

Shadow Catcher: The Life and Work of Edward S. Curtis by Laurie Lawlor, Walker & Company (1994).

The Image Taker: The Selected Photographs and Stories of Edward S. Curtis, edited by Gerald Hausmann and Bob Kapoun; features nearly 200 rarely-seen photographs from both The North American Indian text, and the unpublished collections.

Everything You Know about Indians Is Wrong by Paul Chaat Smith; a collection of essays chronicling the evolution of this Cherokee author’s views on the politics of being a Native American.