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Pride and Prejudice

Mr Bennet

Played by: Allan Morgan

Father to the five Bennet girls and husband of Mrs Bennet. Mr Bennet is witty, acerbic and sometimes kind to his daughters. He generally stays out of their personal and romantic affairs.

Mrs Bennet

Played by: Elizabeth Stepkowski Tarhan

Mother to the five Bennet girls and wife of Mr Bennet. Unlike Mr Bennet, Mrs Bennet is excitable and very involved in the girls’ social lives. She is consumed with making good marriage matches for her daughters and often acts their age as opposed to her own.

Jane Bennet

Played by: Gemma James-Smith

The eldest of the Bennet girls, Jane is kind, sweet and very beautiful. She is known to give everyone she meets the benefit of the doubt and sees the good in everything around her. She is especially close with her sister Elizabeth, the second daughter.

Elizabeth Bennet

Played by: Shannon Taylor

Sharp-witted, clever and pretty, Elizabeth is the protagonist of the story. Although she is very smart she is known to jump to conclusions and make hasty judgements about people. Elizabeth believes strongly in romantic love and holds out on marriage until she finds in Mr Darcy someone for whom she feels true affection. Elizabeth enjoys a very good relationship with her father and is kind to her sisters and her friends, especially Charlotte Lucas.

Mary Bennet

Played by: Pippa Leslie

Mary tries to set herself apart from her sisters. She reads and plays the piano forte but her interest in music and exaggerated gestures exceed her talent. She does not show the same kind of interest in meeting men and falling in love as her sisters.

Kitty Bennet

Played by: Léda Davies

Kitty (Catherine) Bennet is the fourth of the five Bennet girls and is closest both in affection and in personality to the vivacious Lydia.

Lydia Bennet

Played by: Laura Huckle

Clearly the most impetuous and impulsive of the Bennets, Lydia is excitable like her mother and is obsessed with meeting men and having fun. This disposition is what leads her into a compromising situation through the course of the story.

Mr Collins

Played by: Pierre Brault

Cousin to the Bennet family and the entailed heir to Longbourn, Mr Collins is an arrogant and pompous clergyman. Elizabeth rejects his marriage proposal even though the match could be advantageous from a financial point of view. He is enamoured with his patroness Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and brings up his connection to her at every opportunity. Mr Collins comes off as ridiculous and therefore provides comic relief.

Charlotte Lucas

Played by: Ellen Close

Charlotte is a close friend of Elizabeth’s. She is 27 years old and worries that as an unmarried woman she will remain a financial burden to her family. It is for this reason that she agrees to marry Mr Collins even though she does not love him.

George Wickham

Played by: Karl H. Sine

Wickham is handsome and beguiling in the eyes of the Bennet girls, but it is later revealed that he is untrustworthy. Although first setting his hopes on Elizabeth, he quickly moves on to Lydia, engaging in an inappropriate relationship with her without any promise to marry. Wickham also previously put Mr Darcy’s sister Georgiana in a similar position, which makes Mr Darcy wary of him.

Charles Bingley

Played by: Brendan McMurtry-Howlett

Kind and open-hearted, Charles Bingley is a gentleman of means, making him the most eligible bachelor in Hertfordshire. Jane Bennet quickly captures his attention but he is dissuaded from making a proposal to her both by his sister Caroline, who shows distaste for the Bennet family, and Mr Darcy, who believes the match unsuitable for a man of Bingley’s social status. After a period spent in London away from Jane, Bingley returns to Hertfordshire and proposes to Jane who happily accepts.

Caroline Bingley

Played by: Anna Cummer

Haughty and full of herself, Charles Bingley’s sister Caroline wants to marry Mr Darcy and feels as though she is entitled to this union by virtue of her social status. She finds his growing interest in Elizabeth frustrating. She is snobbish and rude to those around her.

Edward Gardiner (Uncle)

Played by: Michael Spencer-Davis

Edward Gardiner is Mrs Bennet’s brother and a successful business man in London where he lives with his wife, Mary. Both Edward and Mary are close to Jane and Elizabeth.

Mary Gardiner (Aunt)

Played by: Alix Sideris

Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Played by: Terry Tweed

Lady Catherine de Bourgh is a wealthy woman who behaves as though she has a great deal of clout in society. She becomes very angry when she learns of Mr Darcy’s proposal to Elizabeth, as she believes her daughter Anne is intended for Mr Darcy although they have no formal arrangement. Lady Catherine de Bourgh is also Mr Collins’ patroness.

Lady Anne de Bourgh

Played by: Léda Davies

Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s daughter, Lady Anne is sickly and weak. Although her mother believes her to be intended for Mr Darcy, Mr Darcy has no interest in her.

Mr Darcy

Played by: Tyrell Crews

Fitzwilliam Darcy is a wealthy gentleman and master of the Pemberley estate. He is Charles Bingley’s close friend and nephew of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Mr Darcy is aloof at the beginning of the story but the audience comes to see him as an honourable and decent man, as does Elizabeth Bennet when she learns that it is Mr Darcy who has arranged a marriage between Lydia and Wickham at his own personal expense.

Georgiana Darcy

Played by: Julia Guy

Georgiana is Mr Darcy’s younger sister. Caroline Bingley believes Miss Darcy would be a more suitable match for her brother Charles than Jane Bennet.

Mrs Reynolds (Housekeeper)

Played by: Terry Tweed

Mrs Reynolds is the long-time housekeeper at Pemberley, since the time of Mr Darcy’s father. She is very loyal to the family. She enjoys showing guests around the estate in Mr Darcy’s absence, including Uncle and Aunt Gardiner and Elizabeth. She offers clues about the true characters of both Darcy and Wickham.