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2016-2017 SEASON

Jillian Keiley Artistic Director

Theatre for the people

Jillian Keiley Artistic Director

Astrid Van Wieren © Paul Daly

Colin Furlong © Paul Daly

Jillian Keiley Artistic Director

See things differently.

This season is full of incredible specimens. All of these characters,- these people, are loveable. All of them have some flaw that might appear in us, and some genius that might lurk in us too. Each one of our playwrights has built these characters on the truths of people – our jealousies and pride, our fears and generosity. And we believe you’ll find that when you put your eye to the microscope this season you’ll catch your own eye twinkling back at you along the way.

Our exciting new season will be announced in early March 2017.
Check back soon!

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