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Caroline Ohrt Executive Producer
Cathy Levy Producer Emerita

Akram Khan Company’s Jungle Book reimagine © Ambra Vernuccio

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2023-2024 Season

Prepare to be moved

Dance is sweeping through the nation’s capital with extraordinary offerings from across the country and the world. Our 2023-2024 Dance season features sixteen productions that will both delight and dare your senses!  The choreographic voices of powerful women, creations led by today’s risk-takers, NAC Dance co-productions and debuts, and bold ballet works from Canada’s finest troupes are just some of the highlights on offer. Dance artists are fierce and adventurous, inspiring in their ideas and virtuosic in their performances. From South Korea to the Sami territory of Norway, from the UK and the Netherlands to the landscapes of Canada, the season allows us to venture into narratives and abstractions through the power of the body. Fueled by music and voice, magic and design, these enthralling presentations are brimming with originality and heart. PREPARE TO BE MOVED! 

  2023-2024 events   Season trailer

Recent videos

  • Untitled-1 Video

    Prepare to be moved

    The new 2023-2024 NAC Dance season is a moving and eclectic series of exquisite artistic projects from Canada and around the globe brimming with originality and heart.

  • Briansolomon © Ed Moreno

    Visiting Dance Artist Program

    Get to know Canadian and international dance artists who create works in a variety of genres and forms. 

  • Podcast Podcast

    NAC Dance with Cathy Levy

    Fascinating conversations between Cathy Levy, C.M., NAC Dance Producer Emerita and some of the world’s most exciting dance artists.

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