Series B

Exhilarating Expressions

Morphed, Tero Saarinen Company

© Mikki Kunttu

Highly charged, innovative and daring choreography from creative pioneers on the international scene.

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    La Veronal’s signature dance pieces are sophisticated and slyly humorous. Siena serves as a geographical point of reference for a provocative, abstract reflection on the concept of the human body in art and time. The dancers use their bodies as malleable maps to meaning in a meticulously reproduced gallery space dominated by a giant blow up of Titian’s luxuriously sensuous Venus of Urbino.

    • La Veronal

    • Choreography

      Marcos Morau

    • in collaboration with the dancers

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    Suspended in air, a platform begins to move, slowly, then faster, spinning, tilting, pivoting, swinging. Six dancers seem to defy gravity, hanging on to the platform, leaning into the spin, climbing, falling, tripping, running with incredible agility, grace and skill. Uplifting and awe-inspiring, acrobat, actor, juggler and dancer Yoann Bourgeois’s beautiful, playful movement expresses an ongoing fascination with the idea of weightlessness, and leaves us breathless.

  3. Play

    Frédérick Gravel

    Some Hope for the Bastards

    Babs Asper Theatre

    Text, live music, and movement – these are the three elements with which Frédérick Gravel performs a kind of creative alchemy. Gravel’s vigorous, uncensored, brutally honest collaborations reflect the gutsy curiosity and quirky intelligence that push him constantly to interrogate the state of being human. Seeking beauty in the cracks between what we show and what we live, Gravel electrifies audiences with dance that is rock ‘n’ roll sexy and in the moment.