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The Storyville Mosquito

Kid Koala Montreal

November 15, 2019

A jazzy insect finds its muse in Kid Koala's The Storyville Mosquito

“The mosquito is kind of a universally despised creature,” Eric San acknowledged. “If we can build some empathy for a mosquito, I think we’re alright.”

He is willing to give it the old college try. The Montreal DJ, animator and all-around entertainer better known as Kid Koala has built a wildly eclectic career by following his creative whims. His various projects are based on far-fetched concepts that really shouldn’t work out yet somehow turn into ridiculously good times.

Back in the ‘90s, Kid Koala used to win contests with his mind-bending scratch DJ skills, winning over crowds with his artistry and humour. He has released albums of blues-rock, hip-hop and chill-out ambience. He has penned two graphic novels (Nufonia Must Fall and Space Cadet), and created a touring vaudeville carnival.

All of which brings us to The Storyville Mosquito, a live-action puppet-show/movie/concert experience, Nov. 27 to Dec. 8 at Place des Arts’ Cinquième salle.

Source: Montreal Gazette 

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