The Hockey Sweater: A Musical

The Segal Centre for Performing Arts Montreal

December 8, 2018

Hockey Sweater musical scores with singing, dancing and stagecraft

The first thing that struck me about The Hockey Sweater: A Musical is how well Canada’s national winter game lends itself to song-and-dance treatment.

For starters, skating has a natural flow that suits the art of choreography, even when practised by inline skaters on a hard-surface stage, as is the case here, instead of ice. Breakaways, crossovers, stops and starts are worked into imaginative routines, while the hockey stick is used for both dramatic punctuation and to emphasize the beat.

What’s more, the character-building nature of any team sport supports a narrative of personal growth, the strength of community and working together for a common goal, all of which are addressed in this delightful, family-friendly adaptation of the classic Canadian short story by Quebec author Roch Carrier.

Commissioned by Montreal’s Segal Centre to celebrate the centre’s 10th anniversary, Canada’s 150th and Montreal’s 375th, it premiered a year ago on home ice, so to speak, in the hometown of les Canadiens. The current run at the National Arts Centre features a reworked script and three new songs, thanks to investment by the NAC’s National Creation Fund.

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