The Full Light of Day

Electric Company Theatre Vancouver

January 10, 2019

The Full Light of Day is a cutting-edge, overwhelming tragedy

Daniel Brooks’s The Full Light of Day is a dark tale. Among the most anticipated works of Canadian theatre in 2019, the play had its world premiere at the Vancouver Playhouse on Wednesday. Like many of its characters, it is wildly ambitious.

A modern tragedy with classic references (Shakespeare, the Bible) and a determination to dazzle, this Electric Company Theatre production examines the lives of a single family using innovative, cutting-edge digital technology – as well as good old-fashioned superb theatre acting.

Brooks, a Siminovitch Prize-winning playwright, began the project wanting to write a screenplay; Siminovitch Prize-winning director Kim Collier read the first rough draft. Collier is one of the founders of the Electric Company, which has earned its excellent reputation by pushing the technological envelope in live theatre with productions such as No Exit and Tear the Curtain. She proposed doing Brooks’s story as a film-stage hybrid.

The result is a thoughtful, entertaining ride, brought to the audience through live onstage performances, as well as 14 live-streaming cameras, prerecorded images and video projected onto the complex, often in-motion set. The use of technology generally enhances the story – but it also at times overwhelms it. This may have more to do with the story than the tech.

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