Tak Arikushi

Tak Arikushi is a Toronto-based guitarist specializing in the virtuosic guitar style of Gypsy-jazz. His music is inspired by the Romani jazz guitar legend, Django Reinhardt, whose infectious swing rhythms and fiery melodies started a musical tradition that gave birth to some of the most dazzling guitarists of today.

His most recent ventures explore the intersection of Japanese culture and jazz music, fusing the two to create a sound that is both toe-tapping and introspective. The first single Sakura Swing was featured on CBC radio on national airwaves across several shows. Whether he’s sharing the stage with jazz guitar giant Stephane Wrembel, recording challenging music for a best-selling video game (Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course), or playing for Rush bassist Geddy Lee’s family event, Tak’s talents keeps him in demand both as bandleader and collaborator.