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Pam Cailloux |

Pam Cailloux

Sacred Land at the Chaudiere Falls

Pam Cailloux, Métis (Huron and Algonquin), Québec.

This picture is a view taken from the Chaudiere Falls, a place considered sacred land where many traditional ceremonies were and are still performed. Chosen in this scene is the Sweat Lodge Ceremony. This ceremony is to purify and cleanse oneself, bringing a greater understanding within oneself and surrendering. Also incorporated is the Medicine Wheel, which is representing unity and balance for everything within and around ourselves. The importance of this teaching is to realize every portion of the wheel needs all others in the wheel to maintain balance to continue to prosper as a unit. Also incorporated is the land speaking to the powers that be as well as the ones who take care of the land as a reminder not to overlook mother earth when we make decisions as a human race. Birch bark trees are also included, representing what the Algonquin Nation is known for, baskets and canoes. The river which flows in the artwork was an extremely important source of travel, trade and gathering. The water is always given thanks for sustaining life for us.

Pamela Cailloux was born in Chibougamau Québec. She is of Métis descent consisting of Huron and Algonquin heritage. Her artwork is heavily influenced by the teachings of the medicine wheel consisting of balance, seasons, elements and harmony. Mother earth is often represented in her works as an energy and spirit that is determined to heal and restore natural order. Pamela has been drawing all her life and the style we see today, began to take shape around 1995