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Megan Jerome

“A captivating performer and fine singer, Megan’s songs are quirky and fun, dark and brooding, rich.” Bobby Read (Bruce Hornsby)

Megan Jerome's sound is defined by her clear voice and ultra-distilled piano arrangements—she aims to find the simplest most beautiful way to create, in her songs, what feels like beauty and love, in life.

Megan's life is enriched by both the deepest sorrows and the soaring-est joys and her songs are an expression of that, embracing all of how it feels to be alive. Her music offers you such a clear and beautiful reflection of the human spirit that you can’t help but fall in love again with your own soul!

Megan's collaborations with contemporary dance include performing her original songs, live, in Tedd Robinson's The Reins, and performances with Mary Catherine Jack through Dark Horse Dance Productions.