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Manuel Chantre

Last updated: March 14, 2023

Visual new media artist, composer and production director based in Montreal— Manuel Chantre creates sculptures, installations, performances by including light, video projection, music, interactivity and digital fabrication. Since 2004, his works have been created for renowned international institutions in media art, art galleries, events, public art, commercial projects, and private collections.

He showed his works at over 70 events and exhibitions presented by internationally renowned institutions such as the Society for arts and technologies SAT (CA), the City of Montreal, the International Digital Art Biennal in Montreal (CA), Mutek (CA), the Mapping Festival (CH), Filux Festival (MX), File Electronic Language International Festival (BR) and Toronto Scotiabank Nuit Blanche (CA) amongst other.

Chantre explores the memory, the identity and spaces that are inhabited, imagined, immaterial or virtual made by human being. His works are at the crossroads of contemporary optical art, fiction and commentary. He seeks to further explore the three-dimensional narrative properties permitted by translucent multi-screen projections, immersive environments, light beams, translucent structures as well as dome and panoramic screens.

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