October 22, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
 | Nancy Mcl
Director, writer and actor

Lionel Lehouillier

A graduate in theatre theory and dramaturgy from the University of Ottawa, Lionel Lehouillier is a director, writer and actor. Straddling the line between theatre and social activism, he seeks to establish a dialogue between drama and advocacy through non-traditional approaches to theatre. A specialist in object theatre, Lionel created Les enfants valises, L’Iliade pour les nuls and Ce pilon à patate est un demi-dieu grec. As artistic director of Théâtre Tremplin since 2019, he directed Albert N., which was made into a radio play. He has worked for several years with professional companies in the Outaouais region, including Théâtre de la Vieille 17, Théâtre Trillium, Théâtre Catapulte and Théâtre de l’Île. Lionel was also part of the cast of the youth production Dans tous les sens by Vox Théâtre. Recently, he developed the queer theatre production Laitue matinale, co-created with Dillon Orr. An early version of the project was presented at the 2019 Jamais Lu literary festival in Montréal and Zones Théâtrales 2019 at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. The project also won the RBC National Excellence Award from the Fondation pour l’avancement du théâtre francophone au Canada.