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Lily Lachapelle

Last updated: September 16, 2022

Lily Lachapelle is a Visual Artist, born in Montreal in 1964. At an early age, she explored numerous brush-work techniques, drawing from her mother’s passionate approach to visual arts. For years, she developed her skills as a performing artist, an animator, as well as a competitive swimmer. These experiences all inform her practice and understanding of movement within her work. She enjoys working with different mediums, and views painting as a space within which exists infinite possibilities. Only in 2018 did she begin her professional artistic development by enrolling in the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Arts and media program at UQAM. Working with different techniques and mediums has opened new pathways of creativity and collaboration. These new mediums also allow her to more accurately incorporate her interests as well as subject matter which is, at times, political or intimate; inspired by social movements, memories of her loved ones, as well as by performing artists. Enshrined in her work are the recurring themes of the feminine condition, water, and flowers. Her play on light, obscurity, back-lit scenes, and shadows allows her to transmit a unique form of realism which can be found within each of her pieces.

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