Laurence Dauphinais

Explorer of parallel universes

A multidisciplinary actor, writer and creator, Laurence Dauphinais is particularly fond of collaborations. She plunges, heart on sleeve, into disorienting universes that challenge our emotional and social reference points. She is an associate artist at La Messe Basse, a precious exploration space where she can develop her voice. She co-created the iShow, whose catalyst was an NAC French Theatre Laboratory. It was there that she met Maxime Carbonneau, who would become her faithful associate. Together they created Siri, then Dans le nuage, which became Si jamais vous nous écoutez, two shows that question the way humans develop technologies to surpass themselves. More recently, Laurence created and directed Cyclorama, an immersive bilingual documentary comedy about Montréal’s cultural duality, coproduced and copresented by Centaur Theatre and the Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui.