June 30, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
Kunji Ikeda |
Choreographer Dancer

Kunji Ikeda


Kunji Ikeda uses dance theatre to invite the community to experience and unfold the complexity of the human experience. Ikeda’s thorough pedagogical study of theatre and contemporary dance allows unfettered access to multi-faceted methods of storytelling and communal learning. Through the Paris based L’AiR Arts, in 2019 Ikeda was selected to be a member of an ongoing international cohort made up of interdisciplinary artists with the intention of empowering artists as vectors of cross-cultural dialogue to fuel the evolution of culture, politics, and society. In February 2020 he was invited to be a contributing dramaturgical observer for the creation process of Akram Khan’s Creature with the English National Ballet. SANSEI: The Storyteller has been presented 16 times across Canada including a two-week run in the High Performance Rodeo. In the summer of 2020 his dance-clown work KNOW the RULES, WIN the GAME was one of five Canadian works curated to present at a Canadian Dance Showcase at TanzMesse in Dusseldorf Germany.