Joanne Richer

Johanne Richer, Visual Artist, was born in Montreal. Throughout her life journey, art, of all forms, has always been present. Her passion for music led her to dance to which she devoted more than 10 years to ballroom dance and Argentine Tango. Over time she realized her dream of putting on canvas the vibrant and colourful world of dance. The essence of her creativity is drawn from her knowledge, and her dance experiences within its various milieux. These assets serve as a guide and serve her well in the realization of her artwork. As a figurative painter. oil is her preferred medium. Movement is the common thread within each of her creations. It is the driving force which underlines gestural and movement freedom while keeping in mind the techniques, the posture, and the estheticism of dance. Within each of her pieces there exists gestural complexity. She manages to recreate her impressions of each moment harmoniously by using compositional effects, combined with a vibrant and varied palette. 

Motivated by aesthetic research which is consistently present in each of her figurative pieces, her work has evolved over the years. The variations of styles depicted in her work showcase her constant quest for new challenges. Latin dance, ballroom dance, classical Indian dance, and integrated dance are but a few of the various styles she has explored. For several years she has exhibited her artwork in Quebec and Ontario, committing herself to a full-time artistic practice since 2016. These different disciplines are the means through which she expresses what she feels. She dances on her canvases and transmits what drives her.