October 22, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
 | Edi-Bapès Malutama

Jessica Malutama

With the help of her senses and an insatiable and attentive curiosity, Jessica likes to sit back and observe the world as it is, when she can. Initially a student of French literature, she decided to waver towards philosophy which she is currently studying at the University of Ottawa. What captivates her?  Thinking and adventurous thought, by nature, always moving, absorbing and transforming itself through time, but also that lively force that characterizes the musicality and scope of words, questions about the inner world that inhabits us and the surrounding world that surrounds us, or the intuitive relationship to words (among others). It is precisely in the context of the performance La Petite Maison (directed by Noémie Avidar), in which she took part in September 2021, at La Nouvelle Scène, that she attempts to "express the inexpressible" through the "experience of the word". Her participation in 2042 constitutes, for her, an opportunity to experiment with her teeth, her thoughts and her words.