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Jennifer Doubt

Last updated: September 21, 2022

First and foremost, Jennifer Doubt manages the botanical collections—the National Herbarium of Canada—at the Canadian Museum of Nature. That means she works to build, document and safeguard a public archive of over one million specimens of Canadian wild plants. To improve its impact in the world, she also works to improve access to this vast resource for the Canadian and international researchers, educators, students and enthusiasts who can put it to good use. A herbarium busy with botanists, collection experts, volunteers, visitors and students is one of her “happy places”!

Otherwise, look for her outside, in nature: Jennifer is an expert on Canadian mosses and their plant relatives. Mosses blanket much of Canada—especially in the Arctic and boreal regions—and make life possible for thousands of animal and plant species by providing essential food, habitat and other services. Jennifer works in the field and in the lab to document and protect Canada’s mosses through research and other collaborations, and by sharing her knowledge where it can be helpful.

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