October 22, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
Jean-Benoît Labrecque | Bobby León

Jean-Benoît Labrecque

With his initial passion for urban dances, combined with his training in contemporary dance, Jean-Benoit possesses a versatility of interpretation sought out by choreographers. Since earning his diploma from EDCM in 2014, he has collaborated with Danièle Desnoyers for the creation of ANATOMIE D’UN SOUFFLE (2016), and UNFOLD, 7 PERSPECTIVES (2019). Furthermore, Jean-Benoit has been a member of the AP&A company since 2017 and participated in the remount of UNTITLED I+III (2018) and 6.58: MANIFESTO since 2020, and is currently working with Andrea Pena on a new creation. He performed in Some Hope for the Bastards by Frédérick Gravel (2018), as well as L’affadissement du merveilleux, by Catherine Gaudet since 2019. Jean-Benoit collaborates with choreographers Alan Lake, Jacques Poulin-Denis, Sébastien Provencher, George Stamos, Riley Sims, amongst many others.