Hardeep Buckshi

Hardeep Buckshi is a multi-talented Canadian singer and a composer. Although he specializes in singing ghazals and semi-classical, he is also versatile in composing and singing a variety of Indian music. The delivery of ghazal requires a very special expression and Hardeep does so with his deep and unique voice and soulfoul presence.

Hardeep is a Ganda-Bundhit (traditional) disciple of the legendary Mehdi Hassan, an internationally renowned singer and was honored to share the stage and perform with Mehdi Hassan and received his blessings.

Hardeep has been able to keep the traditional ghazal gaayaki (singing) alive in Canada for over 40 years, with nearly 300 performances to his credit in BC, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and in India.  He has also performed for the NAC, the Jazz festival, Canadian Heritage, Canada Council for the Arts, CBC and countless other events.

Inspired by Pandit Kundan Lal and Master Vishambhar Das, from whom he received tutelage in semi-classical vocal music, Hardeep has since completed his music degree from Allahabad University.  He has been featured on International Radio and Television, including Door Darshan TV (India) and CBC Radio (Canada). Decades of hard work, dedication, devotion, along with his extraordinarilly original style of singing have made Hardeep Buckshi an artist deserving of the title of a living legend in Canada