Clarisse Cheseaux

Clarisse was born in Switzerland. She arrived in Canada in 1985 to pursue her studies in Biology. She always like to paint during her leisure time. Now settled in Ottawa, she is living with her husband and son. After working in the field of Natural Health, she decided to give herself entirely to her art by developing the watercolor techniques with several artists of the region. In 2009 she joined the ArtEast Ottawa Association to get more deeply involved in the arts field and take part in various group exhibitions and she received Awards for her paintings. 

In 2012, she finished the Foundation course in art-educator from the Royal Conservatory of Ottawa. Since May 2018 she offers mandalas drawing classes and watercolor classes at the MIFO (mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orléans).

“Painting for me must remain an expression of beauty of the visible and invisible world. I like to work with watercolor, as it enables me to express the light that exists in all things. I am fascinated by the plant world, especially flowers, and the greatest spaces in Canada. Art and health are closely linked, and I was naturally attracted by the mandala creation. The symmetry in forms and the harmony in colours are always stimulating my creativity and giving me a profound relaxation.

Painting becomes a therapy for the body and mind and a joy for life!”