October 22, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
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Benjamin Mitchell

Benjamin Mitchell was born in Germany and trained at The Royal Ballet School White Lodge and the Upper
School. He completed his last year of training at Elmhurst School, where he performed with the Birmingham
Royal Ballet. Upon graduating in 2007, he joined the Northern Ballet, where he performed many leading roles,
working with choreographers such as Wayne McGregor, Hanz van Manen and Cathy Marston. In 2013, he
was named the critics’ choice for 'Outstanding Male Dancer' in Dance Europe. After leaving the Northern Ballet
in 2013, he joined the Deborah Colker Dance Company in Rio de Janeiro, where he performed in and around
South America, including in the FIFA World Cup final draw performance. In 2014, Ben joined the Phoenix
Dance Theatre where he danced for two years. As a teacher and assistant, he has taught in companies and
schools in the UK and the US. Ben joined BJM in 2016.