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  1. Sonia Rodriguez and Keiichi Hirano in <i>Alice&rsquo;s Adventures in Wonderland</i> | Photo: Bruce Zinger The National Ballet of Canada

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

  2. Arif Mirabdolbaghi | Lacey Creighton The Double

  3. Leahy | Rebekah Littlejohn Donnell Leahy & Family

  4. <i>The Postcard Project II</i>, Basil AlZeri | Photo: Manolo Lugo Free The Postcard Project II

  5. Powwow Boot Camp Free Powwow Boot Camp

  6. James Bartleman Close To Home: Ontario Fiction

  7. Images from the series Arrangements (Reykjavik, 2014). | Diane Borsato Gatineau Free Artist Talk with Diane Borsato

  8. Soheila Esfahani, &lt;i&gt;Wish on Water&lt;/i&gt; (2014), 120 glazed porcelain bowls, water, dimensions variable.

 | Photo: Danny Custodio Free Human NatureArtist Walk-Through

    with Corinna…

  9. Danko Jones | Dustin Rabin Danko Jones

    with Say Yes…

  10. Santee Smith in <i>Declaration</i> | ARTICLE 11 Free DECLARATION

  11. Tara Beagan and Andy Moro, ARTICLE 11 Free Welcome Ceremony

    With ARTICLE…

  12. From <i>Falling Piece</i>, performed at the Art Gallery of Ontario. | Diane Borsato, 2010 Free Falling Piece

  13. Art Of Time | John Lauener Art of Time Ensemble


  14. Cinéma

  15. from <i>Niipii</i> Free Videontario

  16. Neema Bickersteth | John Lauener Photography World Premiere Century Song

  17. Monique Mojica | Photo: Ric Knowles Free DECLARATION: DECLARE

    With Monique…

  18. DECLARATION, Article 11 Free DECLARATION: Creation Lab

  19. Kateri Walker The Films of Shelley Niro

  20. Santee Smith | Nadya Kwandibens Free DECLARATION: Presentation

    With Monique…

  21. Afiara String Quartet | Photo: Joseph Kan Afiara Quartet

    Playlist / Shuffle

  22. <i>AMERICANDREAM.CA, Part 1: Malaise</i> | Mikael Lavogiez AMERICANDREAM.CA

    Part 1: Malaise

  23. Daniel Lanois and Basia Bulat with the NAC Orchestra

  24. Who Killed Spalding Gray? | Guntar Kravis Who Killed Spalding Gray?

  25. ODD | Ben Welland Compagnie ODD

    Speeds and…

  26. Jaffa Road | Photo: Steve Carty Jaffa Road and Lemon Bucket...

  27. Brave Shores Brave Shores

    with David Vertesi

  28. The Yips | Bruised
Tongue Records Free Next Wave: Ottawa Music Spotlight

    with Roberta…

  29. Raven Kanatakta and ShoShona Kish Free DECLARATION: DECLARE

    With Raven…

  30. Manifesto Community Projects Free Inter-Arts Ontario Forum

  31. Raven Kanatakta and ShoShona Kish Free DECLARATION: Presentation

    With Raven…

  32. OpenSecret | Nagat Bahumaid Spoken Word

  33. Molly Johnson | Chris Nichols Sold Out Molly Johnson Sings Billie Holiday

  34. Amanda Rheaume  | Photo: Kim Vincent Sold Out Folk Music Ontario Song Circle

  35. Jason Collett Sold Out Jason Collett’s Basement Revue

  36. Cold Specks | Photo: Steve Gullick Cold Specks

    with Etiquette and Boyhood

  37. Jesse Wente Free DECLARATION: DECLARE

    With Jesse…

  38. Crazy Smooth Free Hip-Hop Playground

    Battles and Beats

  39. Nathaniel Dett Chorale

    Freedom Has A Voice

  40. April Verch | Photo: Parker J. Pfister April Verch Band and Métis...

  41. Tara Beagan and Andy Moro, ARTICLE 11 Free DECLARATION: Culmination

  42. Regina | Photo: Alejandro Santiago Do I Have To Do...

  43. Alanna Mitchell | Photo: Chloe Ellingson Sea Sick

  44. Matthew Barber | Photo: Matt Barnes Sold Out Matthew Barber and Jadea Kelly

  45. Shad Shad

    with Zoo Legacy, Story Tellers, Jesse Dangerously

  46. Free Recess

  47. Jon Sasaki, &lt;i&gt;Day for Night&lt;/i&gt;, studio documentation 2014. | Courtesy of the artist. Free Crowded on a Velvet Cushion

    Performance Workshop

  48. Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony


  49. Kobo Town  | Photo: Paul Wright Kobo Town and Quique Escamilla

  50. Tanya Lukin Linklater, the the (2014), with Tanya Lukin Linklater and Stefan St. Laurent | Christian Leduc Free North of the 45th


  51. Jesse Stewart | Photo: Tony Fouhse Sold Out Jesse Stewart


  52. National Arts Centre Executive Chef John Morris Pelee Island Winemaker’s Dinner

  53. Crashing Skies | Penny McCann Free Emulsion In Motion

  54. Andrea Nann | Photo: Chris Randle TDT, adelheid, Dreamwalker

    From There to Here

  55. LabGestes Sold Out The LabGestes 15 Project

  56. Sponsored by Algonquin... Ontario Culinary Challenge

  57. Stef Paquette  | PhotoCaptiva Le Cercle SOCAN

  58. Patricia Cano  | Photo: Jorge Cueto Patricia Cano and Luanda Jones

  59. Gryphon Trio Tchaikovsky’s Fourth

    with the Gryphon Trio

  60. Shaista Latif | Photo: Shy Alter Graceful Rebellions

  61. Stewart Goodyear | Photo: Anita Zvonar Stewart Goodyear


  62. Jaron Freeman-Fox | Photo: Ryan Wilson Stretch Orchestra, Jaron Freeman-Fox and...

  63.  from <i>Snare</i> Free Indigi-nate NOW

    A Province of…

  64. Tedd Robinson | Photo: Rod MacIvor World Premiere Tedd Robinson | 10 Gates...


  65. <i>Post Eden</i> | Jordan Tannahill Post Eden

  66. New Country Rehab | Photo: David Leyes New Country Rehab

    with Oh…

  67. Trille Or Awards Gala | Photo: Sébastien Guiller-Sahuqué Trille Or Awards Gala

  68. PUP PUP

    with Big Dick…

  69. Cecilia String Quartet | Lisa-Marie Mazzucco Cecilia String Quartet

  70. Petites Buches  | Illustration Patrick Bizier Petites Bûches

  71. Propeller Dance | Photo: Chrystia Chudczak Propeller Dance


  72. Mike Murley | Photo: Ken Brown Mike Murley Septet

  73. Divine Brown | Photo: Ivan Otis Sold Out Women’s Blues Revue

  74. Augustin Hadelich | Rosalie O'Connor Toronto Symphony Orchestra

  75. The Sadies | Photo: Don Pyle The Sadies and The Wooden Sky

    with Kalle Mattson

  76. Bridget Moser, <i>Nervous System</i> | Yuula Benivolski, courtesy of Doored. Free Good Afternoon

  77. Barry Ace, &lt;i&gt;Anishinabek in the Hood&lt;/i&gt;, 2007, acrylic on screen, 147.32 x 127 cm. | Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery. Sold Out Free (Re)Mapping Place


  78. Ron Sexsmith  | Photo: Margaret Malandruccolo Ron Sexsmith and Alejandra Ribera

  79. Madagascar Slim | Photo: Anand Maharaj Sold Out Guitar Heroes

    With Kevin…

  80. Bageshree Vaze and Vineet Vyas | Photo: David Hou Sold Out Bageshree Vaze and Vineet Vyas

    In The…

  81. Fucked Up | Photo: Brendan George Ko Fucked Up

    with Dead…

  82. Gryphon Trio Gryphon Trio

    Music for a…

  83. Ken Whiteley and The Beulah Band Ken Whiteley Gospel Show

    with The Levy Sisters, Sharon Riley, Mike Stevens and Samantha Martin

  84. Jesse Cook

    One World Tour 2015


  1. No Events Available

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