Young Artists Program: Precollege Chamber Concert

University of Ottawa: Tabaret Hall

University of Ottawa: Tabaret Hall

YAP 2015 Precollege All-strings Ensemble

Fred Cattroll

Enjoy a public concert showcasing the 2016 Precollege students participating in the NAC’s internationally acclaimed Young Artists Program. Five student quartets will perform the works by Borodin, Mendelssohn and Haydn among others which they’ve been studying throughout this year’s program, and all twenty Precollege students will perform an all-strings work by Gustav Holst without a conductor.

“This has been by far the most enjoyable and productive experience. The uniquely non-competitive atmosphere with a focus on learning has really allowed me to grow as a musician by giving my best work without comparing myself to others.” – Emma Grant-Zypchen, cello, Precollege YAP 2015