A Christmas Carol

Matt Barnes

    • By

      Hannah Moscovitch

    • With original music by

      Njo Kong Kie

    • Directed by

      Ross Manson

    • Choreographed by

      Kate Alton


    NAC Studio

    The cynical, skeptical daughter of a theoretical physicist and a composer, Sarah Jean’s clinical approach to love meets with little success. In this absorbing drama infused with science and classical music, three exceptional minds collide like charged particles in an accelerator. 

    • Written, composed & directed by

      Jonathan Christenson


    NAC Theatre

    A raucous, wall-of-sound rock opera, Vigilante tells the explosive true tale of a ruthless Irish immigrant family and an entire town bent on revenge. Based on the unsolved 1880 massacre of Ontario’s notorious Donnelly family, Vigilante is a stomping, swaggering and compulsively watchable story about frontier justice. 

    Widower Jake Sturdy cares for his severely disabled teenage son Joey until unexpected news leads to an astonishing role reversal. Defiantly unsentimental and devastatingly funny, Kill Me Now finds hard truths and irreverent laughter in every limb, joint and thought in the hopelessly fragile human body. 

    • A musical by

      Corey Payette

    Children of God is a gorgeous, powerful musical about an Oji-Cree family whose children were taken away to a residential school in Northern Ontario. Children of God offers a thrilling blend of ancient traditions and contemporary realities, celebrating resilience and the power of the Indigenous cultural spirit.