Series B

Exhilarating Expressions

Batsheva Dance Company

Gadi Dagin

NAC Theatre

Highly charged, innovative and daring choreography from creative pioneers on the international scene.

  1. The Associates

    Étude no 1 / A Picture of You Falling / Echo

    NAC Theatre

    These remarkable evenings feature Marie Chouinard’s legendary solo Étude no 1 danced in steel-toed shoes; Crystal Pite’s A Picture of You Falling performed by the astonishing duo of Anne Plamondon and Peter Chu; and Christopher House’s dynamic Echo, in which ten dancers from Toronto Dance Theatre inhabit a world of beautiful creatures, dark angels and lost souls.

  2. Sold Out

    Compagnie Hervé KOUBI

    What the day owes to the night

    NAC Theatre

    Twelve street and hip hop dancers breathe dynamic life into French/Algerian choreographer Hervé Koubi’s compelling quest for identity. With touchingly tender interdependence, Koubi’s “brothers” weave threads in a complex dance tapestry that celebrates the ties that connect us all.